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AdminAugust 15, 2020
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For new marketers, the acronyms used for different conversion types in affiliate marketing may seem like in hieroglyphics. To help you out, we’ve put together an article with all the conversion types, their abbreviation, and a small explanation of what you need to do to convert customers depending on the type of offer.

Easy conversion types are beginner-friendly, so they don’t require extensive knowledge or a large budget. These are also more affordable than medium and hard conversions, not to mention the fact that they’re easy to optimize, so they’re ideal for affiliates that need to learn the ropes.

Single opt-in conversions are the easiest to achieve. All you need to do is convince users to leave their contact information, like full name, email address, and such. Each time a user submits his or her information you get a conversion. Furthermore, SOI conversions are commonly found in sweepstakes, dating, and gaming offers, plus you may see them in finance as well but these are less common.

Medium-difficulty conversions are better left to more seasoned affiliates that understand how the ecosystem works. They’re more complex than the previous set, but they also offer a much higher payout.

Double opt-in conversions are similar to SOI. The difference is that the former requires confirmation, which is usually done by email or phone. Users sign up, receive an email, confirm it, and you get your conversion.

Cost-per-order and cost-per-sale are similar to COD. The main difference is the name used and the way they are presented, but the idea remains the same.

Hard conversion types that are recommended for all-star affiliates that have large budgets, sophisticated optimization strategies, and blacklists as well as whitelists readily at hand.

Cost-per-lead is one of the most popular conversion types you’ll encounter. It’s available for almost every vertical and it consists of generating qualified leads for advertisers. This is done by collecting extensive information about users, including email addresses, gender, name/surname, some more details (can be even a Tax Number – in financial offers).

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